The Caldera Series

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Mar 14, 2019

Trigger: A Caldera Series Short

Trigger: A Caldera Series Short

Hey! I'm writing short stories to fill in backstory and the spaces between installments of my Caldera Series. Right now, a prequel short story is available on Prolific Works, and you can read

Feb 23, 2019

Fire in the Wall

Logan sees things that aren't real. Sexy things. Disturbing things. Dangerous things. His offbeat, artistic roommate Lil claims his visions are real. And one dark and thunderous night, she proves it by walking through a huge, fiery crack in the basement wall.

Feb 14, 2019

Mr. Smiley Says Hi!

Lil's imaginary pet moth gives rides to the shuddering main character, who doesn't like moths and thinks, in fact, that they are zombie butterflies. [Instagram post]